Saturday, 9 June 2012

Greenville Memorial Hospital-Necrotizing Fasciitis-Bacterial Infection-Bacteria Infection

Mom stricken by flesh-eating bacteria improves
Greenville Memorial Hospital-South Carolina Hospital-Necrotizing Fasciitis-Bacterial Infection
Lana Kuykendall, 36, who was admitted to Greenville Memorial Hospital on May 11 with necrotizing fasciitis, a serious 'flesh-eating' bacteria infection of the skin and soft tissues, holds her 1-month-old twins, Abigail and Ian, for the first time since she was admitted. Husband Darren, left, and her sister hold the babies for her.

A South Carolina mother, suffering from a "flesh-eating" bacterial infection, has been upgraded to fair condition and held her month-old twins for the first time since her treatment began, hospital officials said on Thursday. read more..

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