Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Skin Transplant-Recipient-Surgery

S. Africa cloned skin recipient to leave hospital
Skin Cancer In The United States-Healthday News-Surgery Rates
Burn survivor, Isabella 'Pippie' Kruger is comforted by her mother Anice, as she recovers from surgery after undergoing a skin transplant operation two weeks ago in Johannesburg, Tuesday June 26, 2012. Kruger became the recipient of pioneering surgery when her burnt skin was layered with cloned skin grown from her own cells in a US laboratory. It was the first operation of it's kind

Bedtime for 3-year-old Isabella Kruger now includes a bottle and a massage. This ritual has become possible again as the toddler recovers from surgery that transplanted cloned skin onto her body after 80 percent of it suffered burns in a backyard accident. read more..

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